Many times you may want to add several files to your site. You might have a number of PDFs or a set of images that you want to upload all at once. Uploading them to the cms involves a couple of steps but is quite easy when you get the hang of it.

First, you should make sure all your files are in a central place. That makes zipping them easier.  Then you'll need to put all the files into a zip folder. Finally, you can upload them to a folder. 

Zipping The Files

  1. Open the folder that contains the files you wish to upload
  2. Right click an empty area in the folder and choose new, zip archive
  3. Name the zip archive (make sure to give it a .zip extension)
  4. Drag files onto the zip archive (you should see a + when you are on the zip file)
  5. You are finished when you have all your files in the zip archive

Uploading the Zip Archive

1.  Open the cms ( and click on the folder that you want to house your files

2.  Go to Tools->Zip Archive


3.  Click the browse button and choose the zip file you created earlier.

4.  Click submit.

Once you upload the files your zip archive can be deleted.