To view the statistics of your short links, go to and click on the statistics button green blue red pie chart to the right of the link you want.

You should see a page that looks somewhat like the picture below.

link stats

The black and white picture that looks like a 2 dimensional bar code is known as a "QR Code" (abbreviated from Quick Response code). People can take pictures of it with their smart phones and it will take them to your short link.

Under the title "Link Stats" there is information about your link, such as:

  • Its shortened version
  • The original link's url
  • Who it was created by
  • The total number of uses of the shortened link
  • The total number of uses of the QR Code

The tabs at the bottom of the page tell you information about what parts of the world is using your link how many times, and the referers tab will tell you of places on the internet that go to your short link and how much each one gets used.