• Choose a folder to store the related links resource file. They should usually be stored in a folder named "related-links" which should be in a folder named "blocks" under the top level of the folders you are in. For example, an external links file for the Psychology Department would go in a folder: psychology/blocks/related-links
  • Create a resource file in the folder you chose by selecting New->Blocks->Resources
 new resource

  • Type in a name for System Name that is all lower case letters and use dashes, instead of spaces.
  • For the Heading, type in "Related Links".
  • Type in a name for each link you want and copy in the url address.
  • You can add more links by clicking the plus sign button and remove them by clicking the minus sign button.
  • You can also move the order of your links up or down by clicking the black triangles.
  • Click on the Submit button when you are done creating your links.

create resource

  • The links should be visible in the lower left corner of all pages within the parent folder you used to house the block.
  • Note any time you edit, create, or delete a related link you should publish your site. Related links affect other pages and all pages they affect should be published.