A reference is a web page in Cascade that represents an existing web page in another location; thus, a single page can appear to exist in multiple locations. While a single asset appears in navigation as if it were in multiple locations, in actuality, it directs back to the original asset.
In other words, when you go to a reference page, you will go directly to the linked page.

Reference is an easy way for a website to appear in multiple locations (on the naviagation bar) without having to "copy and paste" the whole page.

This tutorial will guide you through creating a reference in the cms. For more information about reference pages, visit the website: http://www.hannonhill.com/new-kb/Reference/

Step 1: log in to cms. Go to New-> create a new web page (choose any template you'd like). 

Step 2: After you have a new page, go to More on the tool bar. Choose Reference.


Step 3: Choose the web page you want to link to. It must be in the CMS already. For example, if you want a reference to the Archaeology Department webpage find the parent folder it is in. And don't forget to name your reference page (this will be the name that appears on the left navigation bar). You can choose any name you wish but there should be no space in the name. You can use a dash instead of a space. Examples of some good names are: mypage-ref; referencetutorial-ref ; ref-tutorial


 Step4: Submit the reference page. Now you are done!