This page is a tutorial for navigation the CMS recycle bin and retrieving deleted items from it.

To reach the recycle bin in the CMS, go to the Home button in the upper left corner of the screen. In the bar just below the top of the screen, the far right option is labeled Recycle Bin. Click that to go to the recycle bin.


Inside the recycle bin is everything which has been deleted from the server recently. Its contents are sorted alphabetically by name, with folders coming first and everything else, whether link, file, or page, coming after the folders.


The recycle bin's main function is to restore or un-delete a page which has been removed from the CMS. When you restore a page, it returns to the exact location it was deleted from in the CMS. If the parent folder it was in has also been deleted, that will appear with a line through it and a small green symbol next to it.

To find a specific page, folder, link, or file in the recycle bin, you must go through the entire bin alphabetically. If you click on the small arrow next to Name in the upper left hand corner of the bin, it changes the sorting from A-Z to Z-A, which can be helpful if the item you are looking for is later in the alphabet.


Please note that no matter what, the folders will always come before the other items in the recycle bin.

At the bottom of the page is a set of links which can be used to jump multiple pages in the recycle bin at a time. The current page number is bolded.


Below the page links is an option to restore multiple items at once. If you click the checkbox next to an item or multiple items, you can use the drop down box at the very bottom of the page and select "Restore All" to restore all checked items.

To show the restoration function, I created a page named Test Page and immediately deleted it. After some searching, I found my test page in the recycle bin.


To restore a single deleted item, either check the box and scroll down to the bottom or simply click the green symbol at the far right of the row. This will bring you to a page asking if you're sure you want to restore the item.


Click "Submit" and, if the operation was successful, you will be redirected back to the recycle bin with a small green banner at the top of the page confirming the restoration of your item.

As mentioned earlier, there are small differences for items whose parent folders have also been deleted. If you attempt to restore an item whose parent folder no longer exists or has been renamed, the submit screen will be slightly different.


Once a new parent folder has been chosen, you can proceed to the restoration of the item.