This tutorial is designed for creating a resource folder.

Step 1: Create a folder:

If you want to make a new folder for the web team, then choose Base Folder/ public/webteam.

If you do not have a base folder, then go to public and make a new folder (New->Folder).

  • On the Cascade Server tool bar choose:

New ->Folder

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Step 2: Name the new folder:

  • To name the new folder, click in the system name box.
  • Then you want to type gb- to create the resource folder.

If you want to make a resource folder for student orgs, then the system name would be gb-student-orgs.

Also, in the display name, you would type Student Orgs for this example.

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Step 4: Submit

  • After you're done making your new resource folder, scroll all the way to the bottom and click on the "submit" button.
  • Remember: if you jump into a different page or close the cascade window, all your work that was not-submitted WILL be lost so make sure you submitted your work frequently.
  • To publish your folder, click on the "Publish" tab on the top.
  • Remember: A resource folder will not work within folders of folders. For example, it will work for /webteam, but not /webteam/cms-training.

Step 5: Create an Index

  • Create a new standard page within the gb folder (for information on how to do so, click here).
  • Make sure to set the new page's System Name as "index".
  • Submit and publish the index.