Advanced Settings

On the Edit Form page, directly under "Form Settings," are more options that are shown by clicking on "Form Settings >> Advanced Settings."



If you put a URL in this field, people who submit your form will be sent to that page rather than the default page after a form is submitted.

Database Config:

This is the php file that configures the connection between the form and the database. The text that goes in this field is the name of the file in the \\webmain\public\php\formmail\dbconfig folder, but without the .php extension. Note that this can only be accomplished by the webteam.

Message Template:

This is the php file that makes the template for the text that is shown to the submitter. They will see this template on the page after submitting the form as well as in the email that is sent to them (if used). This template will not change the email sent to the "email recipient" as designated in the form settings. The text that goes in this field is the name of the file in the \\webmain\public\php\formmail\template folder and can only be placed there by the webteam.

Upload Folder:

This is the name of the folder where uploads will go. Note that this can only be done by the webmaster. Files can be found in \\webmain\files\your folder

Require Login:

Checking this box will require that people log in with their email before filling out the form. This can only be done by the web team. Check this box, add the block "_internal/2011/blocks/require_login" to the highest open configuration spot, and add "ad_username" as the database config.

Set Email Sender to Submitter:

If the user is required to log in, and they are using a Cornell College account with a valid email, you can set the "Email From" field to "&user", which will send the email from the logged in user.

Send Email to Submitter:

Check this box to send an email to the submitter with the information. You must have a email_to field later in the form. The email_to has to be the field name. The name is what will appear on the form and can be more descriptive (email, Your eMail Here).

Disable Email:

If checked, the form will not send emails.


This is the action that is done after submitting the form. Do not change this or the form will not work properly.