To edit photos in the CMS, first locate and select the file and click 'edit'.


Resizing Images

To resize an image, enter the new width into the 'width' textbox. The height will automatically adjust to maintain the aspect ratio of the photo.

(If you wish to change the dimensions of the photo, turn off 'maintain aspect ratio')

Click the resize button to apply the new dimensions and submit to save the photo.


Rotating, Flipping, and Cropping

  • Rotating: To rotate the image, click the rotation tool to rotate the image clockwise or counter-clock wise.
  • Flipping: Photos can be flipped (mirror image) horizontally and vertically using the flip tools.
  • Cropping: To crop an image,use your mouse to drag a box around the area you want to keep, and click the crop button. The rest of the photo should disappear.
*Any edits can be undone using the undo tool.


*Any time the photo is rotated, flipped, or cropped all edits are saved automatically.