In this tutorial, you will learn how to create tables using the CMS system.

You will be able to:

  • Create a table and correctly set attributes.
  • Edit a table that is already in place.
  • Edit table cell attributes.
  • Add text to a cell.
  • Add images to a cell.

Creating a table:

To create a new table, click the table image button.


When you've done this, a window will pop up.


  • Columns controls how many vertical sections your table will have.
  • Rows controls how many horizontal sections your table will have.
  • Cellpadding controls the amount of space between the edge of each cell and its contents.
  • Cellspacing controls the amount of space between different cells.
  • Alignment controls the position of the table in the window. You may choose Left, Middle, or Right.
  • Border controls whether the edge of your table shows on the page. To show a border, set it to a number greater than 0.
  • Width  and Height controls the overall size of your table.
  • Class allows you to choose from many preset table styles.
  • Table Caption enables you to put a caption along with your table. You will be asked for a caption when you submit the page.

Once you have created your table, it will look something like this:

 Created Table

This settings for this table are as follows:

  • Columns: 3
  • Rows: 2
  • Cellpadding: 20
  • Cellspacing: 20
  • Alignment: Center
  • Border: 0
  • Width x Height: 600x300
  • Class: purple-striped

Tables while being edited may look strange such as the image below.

table being edited

However, when the webpage is published the table will follow the settings applied.

published table

Editing a table:

If you wish to edit a table after putting it in place, right click on the table and select Table Properties.

Table Properties

Click this option will bring you back to the same window that appears when you create a new table.

Editing a table cell:

To edit a table cell, right click on the table as you would to edit the table itself, but select Table cell properties from the menu. This will open a new window with some options.


Table Cell Properties 

  • Alignment controls how the table is aligned horizontally on the page. You can select Center, Left, or Right.
  • Vertical Alignment controls how the table is aligned vertically on the page. You can select Top, Center, or Bottom.
  • Scope controls which cells in your table these changes will be applied to.
  • Width and Height control the exact size of your cell, should you need to set one.
  • Class allows you to choose from many preset cell styles.

The drop-down box at the bottom allows you to apply the changes to multiple cells at a time. You can select Update current cell, Update all cells in row, or Update all cells in table. When you have entered all the information, click Update.

Adding text to a table: 

To add text to a table, simply click within a cell and begin typing. Once you have text entered, you may use the Table Cell Properties window to change its position in the cell, and the formatting options at the top of the editing window to format the text to meet your needs.

 Table With Text 

Adding an image to a table:

To add an image to a table, click in the cell that you wish to place the image in and click the image button button. Once your image is added, you may align it using the Table Cell Properties window.

Table With Image