This tutorial explains how to make a Contact Page, otherwise known as a Faculty-Staff Listing.

To begin, create a standard page. The page title and display name vary on a case by case basis, but some form of "Contact Us" is a good idea for the display name.


Once the page is named, go under System in the upper bar to change the page from a Standard page to a Faculty-Staff Listing. Click the small magnifying glass and paper next to Content Type to bring up a menu of page types.


In the page which pops up, select the content type Faculty-Staff Listing and click Confirm.


Once the page type is changed, you will be redirected back to the main editing area, which will now have three distinct areas. The top and bottom ones, labeled Intro Content and Closing Content respectively, function the same as normal text boxes in the CMS. These can be used to input extra information about the department or office which does not fit within the format of the listing, such as which faculty member is the Department Head or whether or not certain members are on sabbatical at the moment.



After Intro Content, there are two new Yes/No checkboxes labeled "Use section separators" and "Show general contact info". The section separators are horizontal lines between sections of personnel listings, and are mainly an aesthetic choice.


General contact information is for when a department or office wants to give visitors to the page an address, phone number, or fax number for the entire department or office. It is by default filled in with the Cornell College address, but requires an office name and phone number to be accepted.


Below the General Contact Information is the main body of the contact page. The listing is divided by sections, which are either Normal or HTML. HTML allows for more in-depth editing of the listing, but for most situations, you will use the default Normal format. Section Title is optional, as it should only be used if there is more than one section. To add a section, click the green plus sign above the Section Title text box. The new section will have as many listings as the current section.

Within the section are the actual personnel listings. While only first name, last name, and title/position are required, a picture is usually appreciated if one is available. The decision to include other fields varies from case to case, although faculty generally have more information available than staff.


At the bottom of the specific personnel information is an option labeled "Call to action." Selecting this will create a link at the bottom of the listing, which will appear as the words "Learn more." External and Internal links work the same as when inserting a link onto a standard page, even though the output format is different.


To add another faculty or staff member to a section, click the green plus sign above the picture select.

Below is a sample contact page with intro content, separators, a section title, and all boxes filled in in the single personnel listing. More detailed example can be found on any contact page on the Cornell website.

contact page