Individualized B.A. and special studies degrees

Individualized bachelor of arts (B.A.) and bachelor of special studies (B.S.S.) degrees are programs that students design themselves in order to meet their particular needs and interests.  This course of study is usually taken when a student has an interest in an intellectual issue or area that is best studied through an integrative approach based in multiple disciplines and/or departments.

Theatre is innately interdisciplinary.  Therefore, many students in the department find they have an interest in an Individualized B.A. or a B.S.S. Degree. 

Students interested in this course of study are encouraged to discuss the intended major with their advisor and a faculty member who has expertise in the proposed area of study.  Students will then work with a committee of three tenure track faculty members to design a course of study for the proposed major. These programs must follow guidelines established by a group of faculty and be approved by the faculty at large.  In most cases, the proposal is developed late in the student’s second year. 

Though students are encouraged to pursue their own unique interests, some popular tracks of study have included: 

  • Theatre as Social Change: Combining courses in Theatre, Political Science, Anthropology and Psychology
  • Drama Therapy: Combining courses in Theatre, Psychology, Education and Biology
  • World Drama: Combining courses in Theatre, Classics, Classical and Modern Languages, English and Religion
  • Technical Theatre/Design: Combining courses in Theatre, Art and Computer Science
  • Drama Ministry: Combining courses in Theatre, Medieval and Early Modern Studies and Religion
  • Musical Theatre: Combining courses in Theatre and Music
  • Feminist Theatre and/or Theatre and Gender Studies: Combining courses in Theatre, Women’s Studies, Ethnic Studies, Anthropology and Psychology
  • Theatre of the Ancient World: Combining courses in Theatre, History, Classics and Religion
  • Theatre for Young Audiences: Combining courses in Theatre and Education
  • Dramaturgy: Combining courses in Theatre, Art, English and History
  • Storytelling: Combining courses in Theatre, Anthropology, English and Psychology
  • Playwriting: Combining courses in Theatre and English
  • Arts Administration: Combining courses in Theatre, Art, Economics and Business
  • Performance Studies: Combining courses in Theatre, Anthropology, Sociology and Women’s Studies
  • History of Technical Theatre/Design:  Courses in Theatre and Art History.