Cornell student working on research in the lab.

Application process and expectations

The next trip with Operation Walk has not yet been scheduled. Stay tuned for more information.

Most recent trip:
Antigua, Guatemala
August 19–25, 2017


  • You must have completed at least 8 Cornell credits before the date of travel.
  • You must enroll for at least 1 Cornell course after the conclusion of your Operation Walk experience.
  • Your passport and VISAs (if necessary) must be provided to the host country well in advance of the trip, so your passport must be current, meeting the expiration guidelines set by the host country.
  • For trips during the school year: participation in Operation Walk during a block precludes you from taking a traditional course. You must consult with your faculty advisor prior to applying to ensure your participation would not adversely impact your academic performance and anticipated graduation date.
  • For trips during the summer: you will need to ensure you can be available for travel, and that it will not interfere with any other established opportunities you may take on (internships) over the summer.

What to include in your application

  • Resume
  • Personal statement
  • Unofficial copy of your Cornell transcript
  • Note on language skills
  • Passport copy

Selection process

  • Your application is reviewed by the Dimensions Operations Committee (DOC).
  • If selected as a finalist, you will interview with the DOC.
  • The administrator of Operation Walk will review your application.
  • Your passport must be verified.
  • You’ll be notified either way once the candidates are selected.

The DOC evaluates

  • Work ethic and habits
  • Evidence of self-direction
  • Leadership experience
  • Ability to work well with others
  • Ability to work under pressure and in stressful environments
  • Language proficiency
  • Evidence of strong communication skills
  • Professional interests
  • Strong performance in a substantial distribution of coursework
  • Relevance of the experience to the student’s academic plan and career aspirations

Earning academic credit

You may earn a half (0.5) credit for an internship or a full credit (1) for an individualized project; however, both require additional academic work. If you want to earn credit for Operation Walk, secure a faculty sponsor, who can provide you a syllabus to outline the additional academic work you will need to complete.

Contact the Associate Director of Dimensions with additional questions.

Expectations of selected students

  • Consult with a healthcare provider or Student Health Services regarding the recommended immunizations and travel preparations prior to the trip.
  • Talk with previous Operation Walk students prior to your trip.
  • Attend the Dimensions pre-trip orientation meeting(s).
  • Review, sign, and submit a Cornell College travel liability release form (from Off-Campus Studies).
  • Complete a Global Ambassadors for Patient Safety (GAPS) workshop and oath.
  • After your trip, provide feedback to the DOC about your experience and volunteer to talk with future Cornell students who want to participate in Operation Walk.
  • Write a paper on an educational topic of your choice in relation to your experience.
  • Co-present with your fellow trip participants at Student Symposium in the spring.