Students must meet in-person with the Coordinator of Disability Services once per semester to discuss accommodations and verify that accommodation needs are being met.  After that meeting, students may choose to request their Faculty Notification Letter online using this form.

Upon receipt of this request, the Coordinator of Disability Services will send the Faculty Notification Letter outlining the accommodations approved as a PDF via email.  The instructor and the student will be sent the same notification, and it should come within 24 hours of filling out this form.

The student is then responsible for speaking with the instructor about the accommodations to finalize how the accommodations will be implemented. 

Students may fill this form out prior to the start of the class or within the first three days of the block to implement accommodations as early as possible for each class.  If you change your course registration after completing this form, please notify the Coordinator of Disability Services as soon as possible so an updated letter can be created and sent to your new instructor.

Accommodation Letter Request

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