Cornell College’s esports program provides an opportunity for esports enthusiasts of all kinds. Whether you are at the top of the ladder seeking a competitive environment to hone your skills, you have a passion for esports as a spectator, or you are somewhere in between, our program can support your esports interests and endeavors. In addition to fielding an Overwatch team for the 2019-2020 season, our esports program is seeking young individuals interested in other titles as well, including: League of Legends, CS: GO, Rainbow Six: Siege, Super Smash Brothers, and Hearthstone.

Our brand new esports arena, being constructed in the Thomas Commons, will be operational by the end of the academic year and filled with gaming technology. The esports arena will not only serve as a place of practice for the various competitive esports teams, but serve as an internet and gaming café for the campus at large.

esports head coach Mayson Sheehan

Esports Head Coach: Mayson Sheehan

Mayson competed in his first esports tournament in 2007. Since, he has achieved status as one of the top .5% of players in North American League of Legends, and competed in various other titles. A graduate from the University of Southern Indiana, he seeks to use his background in education as a proxy for his passion of esports to create a successful program at Cornell.

Are you interested in being a part of our team?  Contact Mayson with your  gaming credentials.

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