To withdraw from Cornell College, a student must apply to the Dean of Students. Should a student leave without official permission, he or she will have the grade of F recorded for each course in progress. Students who have not attended classes for 60 calendar days and have not filed for a Reduced Program or a Withdrawal will be dropped from the College.

Students must vacate residence hall rooms within 48 hours of initiating the withdrawal process unless permitted otherwise by the Dean of Students.

Students who are recipients of financial aid or who hold Cornell scholarships or campus employment should, before withdrawing, discuss with the Office of Financial Assistance the consequences if they later wish to return to Cornell and need aid.

Students who plan to finish an academic year but not return the following fall may not participate in room selection and must notify the Dean of Students of their intended withdrawal by the first Wednesday of Term 8 or the student's enrollment deposit will be forfeited.

For details on students who wish to cancel their enrollment and withdraw their deposit from Cornell, please see the Catalogue here. The current policy is available by going to the Current Year’s catalogue, clicking on “Academic Information” and finally by clicking on “Withdrawal from the College.