Cornell College prohibits the possession or use of drugs prohibited by the State of Iowa and/or classified by the Federal Government as narcotics or as dangerous drugs, with the exception of prescription medications taken as directed by licensed medical professionals. Use, possession, sale or distribution of narcotics or other controlled substances or paraphernalia, except as permitted by law, are prohibited.

Violations of College drug policies are grounds for College conduct action. Cornell will observe, and expects students to adhere to, Federal and State statutes regarding drug use, possession, and distribution. The College also stresses the importance of education and counseling to prevent drug abuse by instituting education programs which will provide students with information on the legal, psychological, social, and medical aspects of drug use and abuse. Students should be aware of confidential medical, psychological, and counseling assistance available through the Health Center, Counseling, and the Chaplain.

The College will cooperate with local law enforcement in investigating allegations of possession and/or use of illicit drugs on campus. The College will refer to law enforcement agencies information and evidence that it acquires regarding individuals or groups engaged, on or off campus, in dispensing narcotics or dangerous drugs to students of the College. The term “dispensing” is defined as the transfer from one person to another of such drugs, with or without payment. Furthermore, the College may act separately from civil authorities in such cases and through conduct processes may suspend or expel any student who dispenses drugs. Refer to the Compass section on Concurrent Legal Proceedings.