The Sexual Misconduct Report form serves to inform College officials that an incident occurred and allows the College to maintain statistical data regarding sexual misconduct. These reports, however, do not automatically trigger a formal complaint or investigation as outlined in the Complaint Process.

If you have an immediate concern, please contact the Dean of Students.

Does submitting a Sexual Misconduct Report form automatically start the Complaint Process?

No, these are two separate processes. Submitting a Sexual Misconduct Report is not a Complaint under the College’s Sexual Misconduct Policy. Complaints must be filed with the Dean of Students Office. By submitting a Sexual Misconduct Report form, you are notifying the College of your concern. The College will then take reasonable action to provide for the safety of the campus, and to ensure that those affected are connected with appropriate support resources. Unless the Dean of Students or Sexual Misconduct Liaison believes that life or safety is compromised, action will not be taken without communicating with you.

Who is required to submit Sexual Misconduct Report forms?

Some Cornell faculty and staff are required to report certain information when they become aware of incidents of suspected sexual misconduct. Peer leaders who have advisory roles on campus are also required to report instances of sexual misconduct. These individuals will fill out the indicated components of the form – using non-identifying information, unless the student requests otherwise – and will communicate with their supervisor or the Dean of Students about the reported information.

When should I submit a Sexual Misconduct Report form?

Whenever you believe that concerning behavior is affecting you or other members of the Cornell community. There is no concern that is too minor. When College officials are informed of what is occurring on campus, we can intervene if we perceive troubling patterns of behavior, we can connect community members with support and resources, and we can identify what topics should be included in community education and prevention efforts.

Where does a Sexual Misconduct Report form go?

When you submit a Sexual Misconduct Report form, it is sent to the Dean of Students Office. The form is also sent to the Sexual Misconduct Liaison if you have indicated that you would like to receive follow-up about options and resources that are available. If it involves faculty or staff, the Dean of Students forwards that form to the Dean of the College or the Director of Human Resources. If you are an RA or PA, the form will also be forwarded to your supervisor.

Basic, non-identifying information from the form will be used for reporting purposes and may be included in annual federally-mandated statistics reports.

What type of follow-up should I expect?

The College will respond promptly and effectively to your concern. If you provide your name and indicate that you are interested in being contacted by the Sexual Misconduct Liaison you can expect that within 3 business days the Sexual Misconduct Liaison will contact you to make sure that we understand your concern and to discuss any possible next steps and support options for you and any other individuals involved.