Any time a fire alarm sounds, all occupants must immediately evacuate the building. Failure to do so could endanger lives. Students who fail to follow fire safety procedures or instructions from College officials during an alarm are subject to conduct action.

Discharge of fire extinguishers is permitted only in case of actual fire. Students will be charged for refilling the extinguisher and will be subject to additional conduct action for inappropriate discharge of a fire extinguisher.

Misuse of or tampering with fire safety equipment (including smoke detectors, fire alarms, extinguishers, sprinkler heads and other protection equipment) constitutes a serious threat to the safety of the occupants of a building and is prohibited. Any student found in violation of fire safety policies will be subject to conduct action including possible fines, restitution or suspension. A student with a conduct record indicating a pattern of serious misconduct shall be dismissed from the College if found responsible for misuse of a fire alarm system. Students should be aware that under Iowa law fire alarm abuse constitutes a felony, and a student charged with misuse of a fire alarm system may be referred to the appropriate civil law enforcement authorities.

Open fires on campus (including bonfires and burning "the rock") require special permission from the Dean of Students, the Director of Facilities Management and Director of Campus Safety or their designees. Flammable materials, lighter or cleaning fluids, gasoline and kerosene cannot be stored in any College residence. Burning candles or incense is also not permitted in campus buildings without special permission.