Fireworks, firearms, ammunition, BB guns, paint guns, stun guns, air compressed guns, knives with blades exceeding five inches or with locking blades, projectile and other dangerous weapons or explosives are prohibited on College property. Replicas and facsimiles are similarly prohibited. Laboratory chemicals are not permitted in the residence halls or the Thomas Commons. Any object has the potential to become a weapon; therefore, the College reserves the right to further define a “weapon” based on its potential damage or threat.

Items used for demonstration or educational purposes or by special interest clubs/organizations may be permitted with the advance approval of the Director of Campus Safety. Such exceptions must comply with the safety guidelines set by the Director on a case by case basis. Clubs/organizations seeking approval must abide by all safety regulations and practices set by their organizations as well as those set by the Directors of Campus Safety and Student Activities. Equipment used by clubs/organizations (e.g., swords) will be kept in locked storage in the Campus Safety office when not in use. Certificate of insurance, when required, must be provided by the clubs/organizations to the College’s Controller (risk management officer).

Any student or organization found in violation of the above may be subject to conduct action.