Personal Accidents or Injury

Cornell College accepts no responsibility for personal accidents or injuries, or for the damage, theft, or loss of money, valuables or other personal belongings of students or guests. For property matters, students are encouraged to obtain appropriate insurance coverage through a parent’s homeowner’s policy or a separate renter’s policy.


Students are strongly encouraged to have health insurance which provides coverage in the Mt. Vernon-Cedar Rapids area and which covers them for the entire academic year.  Information regarding health insurance can be found on the Student Health Services website. The College does carry an accident insurance policy on all Cornell students.

All student athletes participating in Cornell College athletics are required to show proof of a primary insurance policy during the competition season. This policy may be part of their parent's/guardian's primary insurance policy or may be in their own name. Student athletes will not be allowed to participate in any practice or competition until proper insurance documentation is presented to the athletic training staff.