Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 states that: "no otherwise qualified handicapped individual shall, solely by reason of the handicap, be excluded from the participation in, denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving federal financial assistance (29 United States Code 794)." Compliance with this law requires that academic institutions receiving federal financial aid, like Cornell College, provide opportunity for students with disabilities to have access in the classroom that is comparable to that provided to other students.

Qualifications for services: A student qualifies for disabilities services at Cornell College when:

  • He or she obtains documentation of testing conducted within the past three years from a medical doctor (M.D.), educational or school psychologist (Ph.D.), or other individual licensed by the state of origin to diagnose learning, psychological or physical disabilities; and

  • He or she presents such documentation to the Coordinator of Academic Support and Advising, who will place it on file.

Student Responsibilities: A student is responsible for:

  • Identifying him/herself to the Coordinator of Academic Support and Advising, and providing the required documentation;

  • Identifying him/herself to the instructor within the first three days of each term as a student with a disability that requires accommodation;

  • Ordering special materials for class such as taped texts, if available, or requesting other accommodations from the instructor (e.g., extended test-taking time, test location with low distraction); and

  • Initiating contact with tutors once they have been arranged.

For more information about accommodations and services for students with disabilities visit the Academic Support and Advising website or contact the Coordinator of Academic Support and Advising.