The following sanctions may be imposed by the Conduct Board or the hearing officer following the determination of a violation of College policy. Any combination of these sanctions or other sanctions may be imposed. The sanctions listed are not exhaustive, but are intended to serve as guidelines.

  1. Education and Reflection. Activities with the intent of providing opportunities for students to learn about and reflect on issues related to College policies, their behaviors, and impacts on the community of these behaviors.
  2. Service. Designated work performed for the benefit of the College or the community.
  3. Restitution. Charge for repair or replacement costs resulting from the violation.
  4. Fine. A monetary penalty for property damage, theft, or other violations that result in cost or inconvenience to others.
  5. Restricted Contact. In cases involving sexual misconduct, harassment or assault sanctions may also include actions to minimize contact between the complainant and responsible student (e.g., delayed course registration, housing changes, restriction in co-curricular activities).
  6. Warning. Written notification that College policy has been violated and that further violation could result in more severe disciplinary action.
  7. Disciplinary Probation. A written reprimand for a specified period of time for violation of regulations. Probationary status may include requirements or restrictions. Failure to meet the requirements or further violation of College policy during the period of probation may result in suspension or dismissal from the College.
  8. Disciplinary Suspension. Exclusion from classes, residence and campus for a specified period of time. Application for readmission following the period of suspension shall be handled through the College's readmission procedures.
  9. Disciplinary Dismissal. Permanent separation from the College.


Suspension, as defined by Cornell College, is dismissal from the College with the possibility, but not the promise, of readmission at some future time. Suspension may be imposed for unsatisfactory scholarship (academic suspension), unsatisfactory campus citizenship (disciplinary suspension), or failure to resolve financial obligations to the College (financial suspension). A student who is suspended or dismissed from Cornell is not permitted to remain in College housing. He/she must vacate the residence hall within 48 hours following suspension unless an extension is granted from the Dean of Students. A student suspended or expelled for disciplinary reasons, or restricted from College housing or dining facilities for disciplinary reasons, is required to fulfill the financial commitments of his/her room and board contracts with the College for the remainder of the semester during which the suspension, expulsion or restriction occurs.