Privacy and Release of Information

  1. The Dean of Students is responsible for maintaining student conduct records. Release of information contained in student conduct records shall comply with the Cornell policy on Confidentiality of Student Records.
  2. Names of students being investigated or charged with violations of College policy shall not be released.
  3. The Dean of Students shall make available a summary of conduct action for the previous year to the President at the beginning of the following year. This report shall be shared with the Student Life committee and be made available to the College community. The Dean of Students shall also compile a report in compliance with specifications in the Clery Act, file the report with the federal government, and distribute it to the campus community by Oct. 1 each year. 
  4. A student's parent(s) shall be notified when a student is placed on disciplinary probation or is suspended or dismissed from the College.

How could having a conduct record affect a student's time at Cornell College?

To determine if students are eligible to hold certain campus leadership positions or to participate in some programs, campus offices routinely request information from the Dean of Students office about students' conduct records. This includes the following positions and programs:

The Dean of Students will generally share whether a student is in good standing or on disciplinary probation; if requested a summary of a student's complete conduct record at Cornell (that is, those incidents where a student has been found in violation of a College rule, regulation or policy) may be provided. It is up to the office requesting the information to make the final determination about a student's eligibility to participate in the program or position.

Generally speaking, students who have serious or repeated conduct and/or academic violations or who are placed on any kind of probation that extends into the period in which they would study abroad or hold a position will have their records reviewed by the requesting office and may be deemed ineligible for the program or position.

Will a conduct record affect a student's future plans?

In most cases it should not, but some incidents may have longer-term effects.

According to Cornell’s Confidentiality of Student Records policy, a student’s conduct record will not be reported to external third-parties (employers, licensing agencies, etc.) except with the student’s (or alum’s) permission unless the student is seeking to enroll at another institution or we are legally required to do so.

Non-academic disciplinary action is not included on a student’s transcript, even if the incident results in suspension or dismissal.