A commitment to uphold standards dedicated to personal and academic excellence is an essential part of membership in the Cornell College community.  Members of the Cornell community are expected to:

Embrace freedom of inquiry and expression.  Academic freedom is the foundation of the Cornell community.  Individuals and groups are encouraged to examine, discuss, and invite speakers to address all questions of interest to them and to express opinions publicly and privately.  Cornellians are committed to responsibly and respectfully talking through, and living with, our most significant religious, political, cultural, social, and other differences.

Practice integrity.  Cornellians are expected to work honestly in and outside the classroom, in pursuits such as presentations, papers, games, and sports.

Respect the dignity of all persons.  All members of the Cornell community are expected to respect the dignity and worth of each individual.  Behaviors that compromise or demean the dignity of individuals or groups are unacceptable.  Individuals and groups in the Cornell community can expect to be safe from physical and emotional abuse and all forms of hazing.

Respect the rights and property of others.  Members of the Cornell community are expected to uphold one's right to move about freely, to express oneself appropriately, to enjoy privacy, and to be confident that one's property will not be stolen, damaged, or used without permission.

Affirm equal rights and opportunities for all.  Cornell community members strive to learn from differences in people, ideas, and opinions while refraining from discrimination against others on the basis of individual and group identities including race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, religion, age, disability, national origin, and creed.

Care for the health and well-being of community members.  Cornell College is committed to promoting individual and community health and safety. Counselors and other campus resources are available to provide support and assistance to students experiencing a wide range of health concerns. Community members and college policies support the maintenance of a healthy campus environment.

Maintain a caring, safe environment.  The Cornell community is committed to reinforcing everyone's ability to feel safe and welcomed in the pursuit of appropriate academic and personal goals. Cornellians acknowledge the worth of all persons and share in the responsibility to maintain those conditions which support all community members' work and development.

Participate in the life of the institution.  Cornell College values every member's contribution to the intellectual and social milieu of the college.  Cornellians are encouraged to take part in extracurricular lectures, student symposium, fine arts events, athletic events, and other activities sponsored by Cornell organizations.  Cornellians are also encouraged to engage with the community's government to formulate and apply policies and activities affecting academic and student affairs.

Allegiance to these ideas and to the practice of personal integrity obligates each of us to engage in and encourage behaviors which strengthen the freedom and respect all Cornell community members deserve.

Approved by the Faculty Student Life Committee; April 3, 2013