The Student Activities Fee

Most student organizations are financed through the Student Activities Fee which is annually allocated by Student Senate. The fee is included in the College's educational costs and is currently $225 per year per student.

Organization Accounts

Each campus organization approved by the Student Senate must maintain its account in the College's Division of Business and Enterprise Services. The organization conducts its financial affairs through Division of Business and Enterprise Services after being approved by the advisor. To begin a transaction or ask questions about account use, contact Cindy Krob in the Student Affairs Office.

Clubs and Organizations

Many clubs and organizations are available to students at Cornell, including student government, the arts, religion, academic organizations, etc. 

View a complete listing of clubs and organizations.

Campus Student Organizations Charter

  1. Recognized campus organizations shall be open to all students without respect to race, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation. Although some recognized organizations have selective membership, e.g. honorary organizations and social groups, those organizations may not limit membership on the basis of race, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation.
  2. Recognition of student organizations
    1. In order to be officially recognized an organization shall:
      1. Submit a constitution to Student Senate through the Chair of Organizations for approval by Student Senate;
      2. Have a designated faculty or staff advisor selected by the group;
      3. Maintain its account at Division of Business and Enterprise Services;
      4. Provide an annual list and updates, as appropriate, of membership and officers through Community.
    2. Benefits. A student organization must have official recognition in order to:
      1. Apply for and receive funds from the student activity fee;
      2. Be mentioned in College publications;
    3. Exceptions. When there is an overall governing organization for a group of organizations, e.g. Greek Council for greek organizations and RHA for hall councils, Student Senate may delegate the recognition process to the governing group for organizations in its jurisdiction.
  3. Withdrawal of recognition. The Student Organizations Committee of Student Senate shall review the constitution and activities of each recognized student organization every other year. If the Student Organizations Committee determines that the organization has not followed its stated purpose or is in violation of College policy, it may recommend that Student Senate withdraw recognition from the organization for a specific period of time. After that time the organization may apply for recognition through Student Senate.

Approved by the Faculty, Jan. 4, 2000.