Although the Dean of Students, Conduct Board chair, and/or administrative hearing officers often answer questions about the student conduct process, there may be questions students would prefer to address with someone outside the official process. Student Conduct Process Consultants (SCPCs) are faculty and staff members who are knowledgeable about but not directly involved with the conduct system and are able to provide information and answer questions about the conduct process to students involved in student conduct complaints. 

The SCPC may:

  • Explain the student conduct process.
  • Explain the Conduct Board set-up and flow of the hearing.
  • Discuss how to best prepare for the conduct hearing, how to present the student's perspective on the case, and how to anticipate questions from the complainant or the accused. The Student Conduct Process Consultant will help differentiate between preparation for a college conduct hearing and a courtroom hearing.
  • Explain the appeals process and the required elements.
  • Seek clarification on procedures from the Dean of Students (if administrative hearing) or the Conduct Board chair (if Conduct Board hearing).
  • Advise the student about potential outcomes/sanctions as outlined in The Compass.

The SCPC will not:

  • Participate in the conduct hearing or have access to the incident report.  The student will need to provide any information about the case.  His/her role is to serve as a process educator and guide.
  • Consult or liaison with the hearing officer/board about specifics of the incident, either on behalf of the student or the college. Communication between the Student Conduct Process Consultant and the student will be considered confidential. 
  • Advise the student about potential outcomes/sanctions for the specific case.  The SCPC should avoid committing to any potential outcome of the case because he/she is not part of the conduct hearing; however, he/she can speak generally about possible outcomes and can advise the student to be prepared to answer "what do you think the outcome should be?"
  • Provide legal advice.

Hearings will not be delayed due to Student Conduct Process Consultant scheduling. 

If you would like to meet with someone outside the college's judicial system to discuss the conduct process and questions you might have about what to expect, you can schedule an appointment to meet with one of the following Student Conduct Process Consultants: Derin Sherman (895-4354) or Greg Cotton (895-4454). For sexual misconduct allegations, the process consultant is the Dean of Students.