Cornell College has many offices that can help serve your student organization. Find out what they have to offer:

Office of Student Activities:

  • The Student Activities Office is responsible for planning and assisting with many of the activities and entertainment for students on campus. This office assists with New Student Orientation and plans the student events for Homecoming. In addition, student organizations can contact the Director of Student Activities for assistance in planning events or activities on campus. When bringing in performers or artists, student organizations should contact the Student Activities Director for help with contracts and logistics of the event.
  • Contact: Rebecca Sullens x 4574

Civic Engagement Office:

  • The Civic Engagement Office is designed to help all student leaders and organizations.  We can help groups plan community service activities in the area. We are available to help plan and facilitate group retreats and have a leadership and service library with resources that can be checked out by students.
  • Contacts: Sam Hebel

Student Senate:

  • Student Senate Student Organization Resources
  • The Student Organizations Committee assists Student Senate-recognized organizations by informing them of Senate policies and programs as well as reviewing student organizations' constitutions. This includes advising those organizations on making amendments to their respective constitutions and assisting in interpretation if necessary. For those groups that wish to petition Student Senate for recognition, the Student Organizations Committee reviews and advises those groups on constitutional drafting in accordance with Student Senate policy. Recognition of college student organizations by Student Senate allows those organizations the benefits of Senate-allocated funds, official recognition in college publications and reservation of college facilities for group use.
  • Contacts: Student Organizations Chair

Counseling Center (Counseling Services):

  • One of the Counseling Center's main services to the College is providing individual counseling for students who have mental health related concerns. We also provide consultations for individuals who are concerned about a student.  We have a resource library of mental health information and can present outreach programs on a variety of topics (e.g., stress management, time management, healthy relationships).
  • Contact: Brenda Lovstuen, x 4292 

Student Health Center:

  • Cornell Student Health Service provides acute and chronic health care to students on campus. Health and wellness issues are addressed regularly as well. We are active in health education on campus, and often work with RA's, organizations, presidents, etc. in setting up programs of their choice. Examples of this include "Laughs, Latex and Lemonade" which we have done many times over recent years in the residence halls upon invitation from RA's. Also, we have spoken to WAG about menstruation (upon invitation from the president), and other groups about breast health, nutrition, relationships, CPR, etc. We are available to do any health programming that students would like more information about.
  • Contacts: Lynn O'Brien, x4292

Office of Intercultural Life:

  • The Office is committed to promoting increased awareness and understanding of different cultures, backgrounds and lifestyles. To achieve this goal, we provide programs and support services to explore interests or concerns related to diversity. The intercultural student groups sponsor activities and events throughout the year and their membership is open to all. The second floor of Stoner House features a classroom, a fully-equipped kitchen, and a study abroad library lounge with information about off-campus programs. A TV/VCR is available for class work or relaxing.
  • Contacts: Hemie Collier, x5950, Tiyah Western, x4455

Berry Career Institute:

  • The Berry Career Institute provides a variety of services for students across campus and at any point in your college career. We can develop programming targeted to the career-related needs of your student organization. Our full spectrum of topics includes, but is not limited to: finding your direction/choosing your major; exploring career paths; internships; summer jobs; externships or informational interviewing; graduate school decisions; job searching; writing your resume/cover letter; interviewing; writing graduate school personal statements. Call or email us to explore the possibilities for your entire organization, your organization’s leaders or any other combination you can imagine.
  • Contacts: Jason Napoli, x 4458

Dean of Students Office:

  • The Dean of Students Office assists students in numerous ways, including: providing advice and guidance for all students, advocating for student and campus community interests, overseeing and supporting programs, services and staff in the Division of Student Affairs, maintaining and distributing the Compass student handbook, investigating complaints of inappropriate behavior and administering the student judicial system, coordinating leaves of absence and withdrawals from the College, and keeping students informed about critical matters.
  • Contact: Cindy Krob, Student Affairs Assistant