**Please note that the only place to have a Bonfire on campus is at the Intramural Fields**

3 weeks in advance:

  • Meet with Director of Student Activities to discuss event
  • Meet with Charlie, Gary, Ace or John from Facilities to discuss the event
  • Is there wood available to start the fire?
  • Who will bring the wood to the fire location and who is responsible for stacking the wood?
  • Determine what will be used to start the fire
  • How will the fire be put out at the end of the night?
  • Request burn permit from Linn County
  • Cost is $10 – they will mail a permit to the address you include.  After receiving the permit you will request a check through Community for their payment. 

2 weeks in advance:

  • Confirm that a staff member will be present for the entire event
  • Notify Director of Campus Safety of event
  • Be sure to provide event details
    • Time of the event
    • Name of staff member present at event
    • Student contact
    • How fire will be put out
    • That you have contacted Facilities
    • Burn permit has been requested/received

1 week in advance:

  • Notify Mount Vernon Fire Department of event (319) 895-8320
  • They likely already know about it because of the burn permit request, but it is good to follow up.

Day of

  • Check weather forecast
  • In the case of rain or high wind a bonfire cannot happen. Check in with the Director of Student Activities to confirm or cancel the event
  • Depending on arrangements made with Facilities, ensure that wood is stacked while there is still daylight.