OC Signs: The OC can be used to advertise events or meeting an organization is sponsoring.

  • Paper is provided on the lower level of the Thomas Commons behind the stairs. Markers and paints are available for check out from the Information Desk.
  • Signs must be approved by the Information Desk and stamped before being hung. Signs must include the sponsor (group or office), contact information, and an appropriate message. Signs may not hang past 72”.
  • All signs will remain posted for one week or until the event is over, whichever comes first.  Pre-made signs for organizations meeting once a week may remain posted indefinitely upon approval the Facilities Coordinator, and/or the Director of Student Activities. 
  • Each student organization is allowed to hang two signs simultaneously on the OC. One double sign=two signs on the OC.  Birthday signs can only be hung for one day

Permanent OC Signs: Groups are allowed to purchase signs that are permanent white board or other materials to hang on the OC. The following rules apply

  • Information must be kept up to date if the information is more than a week old the sign will be removed. After 3 violations of this rule the sign will not be allowed back up.
  • Permanent signs may not be hung on the wall facing the stairs.
  • All signs must be removed at the end of the year and stored by the organization.  Any signs left at the end of the year will be removed. It cannot be guaranteed that the sign is not lost nor the condition it is returned in.
  • We reserve the right to remove any signs that are deemed in poor condition.
  • There will be times during the school year when we reserve the right to temporarily remove your sign.  (For example: during Student Symposium)

Four Squares/Student Gateway:  Student groups may not request to advertise on the Student Gateway. Student organization events advertised on the Master Calendar will be added to the Student Activity calendar, which is advertised on the Student Gateway. Each week a randomly chosen student event will be featured on the gateway.

Table Tents: Students may request to advertise through the table tents, which are located on in the Hilltop Café. Ad requests can be submitted by visiting the Student Gateway and clicking ‘Table Tent Request’ on the left. Groups are not responsible for the creating, printing or putting up or taking down the table tents

Digital Screens: Departments and student organizations are able to advertise on the Digital Screens, which is a series of screens located next to the Bookstore in the Thomas Commons. Requests to advertise can be found at the bottom of the Table Tent and Gateway request forms.

Kiosks: Kiosks may be painted to advertise for an event. There is no official method of reserving the kiosks. Organizations must provide their own paint.

The Rock: Students may paint the rock in order to advertise events. It is currently located near the back entrance of Old Sem facing the Library. Organizations must provide their own paint.

Flyers/Posters: Flyers may be hung in buildings across campus. Regulations of each building are different and should be checked before hanging flyers. Groups may hang up to 6 flyers in the Thomas Commons and they must be approved by the Information Desk (following the same regulations as OC signs). Signs hung in the Library require approval from their staff. Academic buildings and residence halls have their own policies. Consult with AD staff in Residence Life or those working in academic buildings

Sidewalk Chalking: Students may chalk sidewalks around campus as a way of advertisement. Organizations must provide their own sidewalk chalk

All Campus Mailing: In order to distribute a mailing to all students through campus mail it must be approved by the Associate Dean of Students/Director of Student Life 

Using the Cornell logo: The official Cornell College logo can be found on the Office of Marketing and Communications website. A list of policies and standards for use of the logo can also be found here