Hold Effective Meetings: No one enjoys long unproductive meetings that end up going in circles. Here are a few ways to avoid this…

  • Have an agenda even if it is just for those leading the meeting
  • Include everyone in the meeting and discussions. People are less likely to get bored if they feel they are being useful
  • Encourage all members to get involved in different ways
  • Set a time limit that is reasonable for individual schedules and needs to be accomplished. Over an hour is almost always too long!
  • Take general notes on the meeting to help remember what was decided, who is planning on completing what tasks, to remember previous ideas in the future etc.

Have Fun:  While there is a time to be serious during meetings if members have fun at a meeting or event they will probably come back. Here are a few of examples of how to incorporate fun into meetings:

  • Be welcoming to new faces by encourage students not to form mini groups within the group
  • Get to know your group members as individuals
  • Receive input from the entire group. While most groups have a specific focus or purpose, there are always variations on any hobby, interest or topic. Not having the same people plan and decide everything for the group will ensure each variation is represented.

Lead by Example: Leaders of an organization set the tone for the other members

  • Leader interactions with group members and fellow leaders will show new members the dynamic of the group. You want this to be positive!
  • Have enthusiasm! If the leaders are excited for an event, activity  or meeting the other members will be as well
  • Delegate and get all members involved- a group will be more successful if it has active members and help beyond its leaders

Say THANK YOU: Recognizing your group members for their accomplishments and contributions will make them feel like a valued member of the group.

  • Send thank you notes to members who help out with an event
  • Thank members at the start or end of meetings
  • Just stop a group member on the Ped Mall to say thanks
  • Create awards to give to your group members at the end of the year