Student Involvement Fair: At the start of each academic year the Office of Student Activities hosts a fair allowing new students to learn about ways to get involved on campus. In order to participate, your group must have updated contact and advisor information on the student organizations page. Each registered organization will be given half a table for a small display or “props” to show off your group. An email sign up for interested students is a great way to contact possible new members.

Advertise Your Group around Campus: Refer to the advertising section of this handbook to discover the various methods you can utilize to let students know about an organization

Host an Informational Event:  Provide the student body with information about your organization by hosting an event on the Orange Carpet or reserving a table outside of Hilltop Cafe.

Work with Other Groups on Campus:  Collaborating with other organizations on campus is a great way to gain and share knowledge. Ensure that the venture is mutually beneficial and that each organization understands their role in the collaboration effort. Teaming with organizations that share similar interests may even lead to new members

Be Organized: Before your group starts meeting, requesting funding or planning events, make sure you are organized. Groups that are prepared and have a solid foundation are more likely to gain members, accomplish their goals, and thrive on campus for years

Here are a few tips for staying organized:

  • Have an organized leadership structure- decide what positions and how many leaders your group needs
  • Decide meeting times and recruitment methods
  • Delegate tasks of the group
  • Refer to the meeting section on tips for planning an effective meeting
  • Keep a group calendar that your organization leaders and members have access to
  • Be aware of your finances- how much money you have received, how much you need, what you plan to request, what you have spent etc.
  • Stay in contact with your advisor
  • Keep records of what events were successful, your constitution, appropriations requests etc. to pass along to future group leaders
  • Plan your leadership transition so new leaders are prepared to take a new position in the group