Student Senate coordinates student involvements in its own committees and nominates students to serve on administrative committees throughout the college. Several ad-hoc committees of Student Senate exist to handle other issues that the standing committees cannot address adequately with their limited time constraints.

Conduct and Appeals Board

The Conduct and Appeals Boards are in place:

1. To provide a fair process for accountability of student conduct;
2. To promote the development of individual integrity;
3. To protect the rights of members of the Cornell community; and
4. To uphold the non-academic rules and regulations of the College.

For more information on the Conduct Process please click here.

Library Advisory Committee

The Library Advisory Committee exists to provide a forum where topics relating to the Library/Center for Teaching and Learning and its role in providing support for teaching and learning may be discussed in collaboration with representatives of other campus constituents.  The committee will consider policy as well as offer counsel for strategic initiatives. Interested in this committee? Contact GCotton.

Technology Policy and Advisory Committee (TPAC)

The Technology Policy Advisory Committee (TPAC) is advisory to, and is appointed by, the president. The committee also provides advice on relevant areas to the Director of Information Technology, the Director of Marketing and Communications, and the College Librarian. The committee advises and serves as a sounding board to the above officers regarding the college's technology needs, priorities, service and support levels, emerging technologies, and related matters.

For more information about TPAC, click here.

Contact the Student Senate President if interested in any of these committees!