In a survey of employers about the skills they value most highly in recent college graduates, the most commonly desired abilities matched Cornell College's Mission, Values, and Educational Priorities.

Source: “Are They Really Ready to Work?” The Conference Board (2006)

Percentages indicate the number of surveyed employers who ranked these skills as "very important."

Basic Skills

Writing in English                               89.7%

English Language                                88.0%

Reading Comprehension                    87.0%

Mathematics                                         64.2%

Science                                                    33.4%

Foreign Languages                               21.0%

Government/Economics                      19.8%

Applied Skills

Oral Communications                         95.4%

Teamwork/Collaboration                   94.4%

Professionalism/Work Ethic              93.1%

Written Communications                    93.1%

Critical Thinking/Problem Solving   92.1%

Ethics/Social Responsibility               85.6%

Leadership                                              81.8%

Creativity/Innovation                           81.0%