Whether they are a first generation college student themselves, or are just very student oriented, our mentors all have a special interest in first generation college students. Our mentors meet with  our Rise Up Students regularly and are extremely dedicated to not only the development, but also, the ultimate success of our members.

  • Photo of Devan Baty

    Devan Baty

    Associate Professor of French

  • Photo of Greg Cotton

    Greg Cotton

    Interim Director of the Russel D. Cole Library and College Librarian

  • Photo of Jill Heinrich

    Jill Heinrich

    Professor of Education

  • Photo of Chris  Penn-Goetsch

    Chris  Penn-Goetsch

    Professor of Art History

  • Photo of Jen Rouse

    Jen Rouse

    Interim Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning Consulting Librarian, Arts and Humanities

  • Photo of Jai Shanata

    Jai Shanata

    Assistant Professor of Chemistry

  • Photo of Katy Stavreva

    Katy Stavreva

    Professor of English

  • Photo of Cindy Strong

    Cindy Strong

    Professor of Chemistry