Ulysses, Cornell Mascot, on campus

Updated Oct. 22, 2021

Cornell College COVID-19 response

For academic year 2021-2022 Cornell College plans to open in what we are calling "near normal" conditions for campus life, academics, athletics, housing, and food service. This means we have achieved a level of herd immunity (vaccinated persons + naturally immune persons) within our campus community that offers us significant protection against a COVID outbreak or severe illness.

While we will experience a return to a mostly-normal experience on campus, it is important to remember that the pandemic is not over, and people will have varying degrees of comfort returning to everyday activity. Mask-wearing should be accepted in all situations without question.

A masking requirement in classrooms, instructional spaces, and Cole Library is currently in effect on campus. 

We realize you might have questions about how this works in specific situations. We've prepared resources to answer those questions.

Tracking COVID-19 and campus immunity

Cornell College's data team, comprised of faculty, staff, and student researchers gather data on statistics in the community around us, global research studies, and campus testing and immunity data to determine how our campus will respond to the ever-changing conditions of this pandemic and makes recommendations to college leadership as they consider and set safety protocols for the campus. 

With our return to Phase 4 of campus operations, we have reduced campus testing significantly, though free tests for symptomatic individuals will continue to be available through Student Health. However the Safe Repopulation Task Force reviews this policy weekly and is prepared to make adjustments as appropriate. Testing results and our immunity rate will be reported weekly on our COVID-19 Dashboard.


If you have questions for the college related to our COVID-19 response, please email COVID-19response@cornellcollege.edu and we will follow up with you during regular business hours. Campus community members may also reach out to a task force member (Cornell ID required to view.)