Please complete this form and submit your duty log by 9:00am the following morning.

Duty Log

 Return to building and pick-up duty phone and name tag by 7:00pm  
 Report for Staff office hours between 8:00-11:00pm (on assigned day of the week)  
 Remain in building until 7:00am the following morning  
 Return duty phone and name tag to Staff office by 9:00am  
 Plug duty phone into charger as necessary  
 Interact with residents who are in the lounge or are entering/exiting the building  
 Complete any custodial or maintenance work orders that are reported and/or observed  
 Clean and organize the Staff office  
 Take trash and recycling to appropriate disposal locations  
 Work on staff related projects or tasks  
 Review previous duty log e-mails  
 Take down outdated, inappropriate and/or misplaces postings  
 Check all hallways, stair wells and bathrooms  
 Check community kitchens for cleanliness  
 Check community refrigerators for outdated food  
 Check laundry room for abandoned clothing (bag if necessary)  
 Check common areas for unattended items  
 Check common areas to ensure presence of college owned items (furniture, TVs, etc)  
 Check fire extinguisher placement and charge level  
 Check smoke detectors for flashing light to ensure charge  
 Check that all exterior doors are closed and locked at all times  
 Inventory check-out items in the Staff office and report any missing items  

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