Suite and apartment-style living at Cornell offers students a unique living environment that blends the community and support-services of our traditional residence halls with the independent living opportunities similar to what students will experience after graduation. Building common areas create a space for social interaction. Shared living space provides an area for true living and learning experiences. Distinct bed rooms and semi-private bathrooms provide students with the independence they desire. Residents will be asked to take on greater personal responsibilities, such as cleaning and conflict resolution.

Important dates (subject to change)

Wilch Apartments lottery 

** Wilch 300 is no longer available for the 2018-2019 academic year.**

  • LOTTERY: Tuesday, March 20, 2018 from 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. in the Residence Life Office
  • NOTIFICATION: Wednesday, March 21, 2018 via e-mail

Russell Hall Suites, Smith Hall Suites and 10th Avenue Apartments Lottery

** Tenth Ave Apartments will not available for the 2018-2019 academic year.**

** Smith Hall will have one 8 person suite available.  The remainder of suites will be filled with Living and Learning groups. **

  • LOTTERY: Thursday, March 22, 2018 from 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. in Shaw Lounge (Thomas Commons)
  • NOTIFICATION: Friday, March 23, 2018 via e-mail
  • PLACEMENT: Monday, March 26, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. in Shaw Lounge (Thomas Commons)

About the buildings

Refer to our list of residence halls, apartments and houses for descriptions of Russell Hall, Smith Hall, 10th Avenue Apartments and Wilch Apartments.


All students returning to Cornell for the next academic year are eligible to sign up for housing in Russell Hall, Smith Hall, the 10th Avenue Apartments or the Wilch Apartments. Apartment and suite-style living offers more independent living options for students and requires a high level of maturity. Therefore, these options are not made available to students whose disciplinary records indicate they are not ready for this arrangement. Generally, this means no conduct violations for the past year. This also means that students who are found responsible for violating a College policy while living in Cornell suites or apartments are at risk for being removed from that living environment. Students who sign the lottery form give their consent for the Residence Life Office to review their conduct history at Cornell College. All suites and apartments have the option of being all-gender (refer to the information on all-gender housing).

Process for applying to live in a suite or an apartment

  • Step 1: Find the right size group. Suites in Russell accommodate four students (all suites in the lottery have two single rooms and one double room). Suites in Smith Hall accommodate eight students (all in doubles). 10th Avenue Apartments accommodate eight students (in one triple room, three single rooms and one double room). Wilch Apartments vary by unit (refer to the information on Wilch apartments for complete details).
  • Step 2: Complete the Suites & 10th Avenue Apartments lottery form (PDF) and/or complete the Wilch Apartments lottery form (PDF). Note that students who are selected for the Wilch Apartments are not able to participate in the lottery for the suites or 10th Avenue Apartments.
  • Step 3: Have at least one representative of the group bring the completed lottery form to the appropriate lottery. Because of the nature of the Wilch Apartments, we encourage all members of any group interested in Wilch Apartments to bring the form to that lottery. That will allow us to ensure that the form is completed in the way that the group intends it to be interpreted.

Selection process for Wilch Apartments

Because the units have varying sizes, each group may preference only units of a particular size (meaning the group would consider only, for example, a double occupancy apartment). Or groups may preference a large apartment and would indicate a willingness to split into smaller groups (so a four-person group would preference getting a four-person apartment but would indicate a willingness to split into two two-person apartments if available). Each group will draw 1 number. That same number will be used throughout the Wilch Apartments lottery.

  • A group's first choice must be for an apartment that is large enough to fit exactly the number of group members. This means that a four-person group must have as their first preference a four-person apartment.
  • A group may be willing to break into smaller groups. Groups will indicate which members (if any) are willing to break into smaller groups (and the priority of those groups). So, a group of four may choose to break into 2 groups of two. The lottery form must indicate the priority order of the smaller groups. For example, if that group of four breaks into 2 doubles and only one two-person apartment remains, the lottery form must indicate which pair will be offered that apartment.

Selection process for the suites and 10th Avenue Apartments

Each group will preference their first, second and third choice of living options (Russell Hall, Smith Hall or 10th Avenue Apartments). If a group is not interested in a second or third choice then they may leave that space blank. The suites will be granted to the groups with the highest average number of points: 3 points for each senior, 2 points for each junior and 1 point for each sophomore (refer to the room selection status information for details on how those are determined). Each group will draw a number in case there is a tie for points (lowest number is best).

  • Groups of four interested in living only in one suite in Russell Hall as a group of four will draw one number.
  • Groups of eight interested in living two suites in Russell Hall as first choice but Smith Hall or 10th Avenue Apartments as a second or third option will draw two numbers: one for Russell Hall Suite 1 and one for Russell Hall Suite 2. The number drawn for Suite 1 will be used for the Smith Hall and/or 10th Avenue lottery if the two groups of four are not selected to live in Russell Hall.
  • Groups of eight interested in living only in Smith Hall or 10th Avenue Apartments will draw 1 number that will be used.
  • Groups of eight interested in living in Smith Hall and/or 10th Avenue Apartments as first choice and interested in Russell Hall as second or third choice will draw 2 numbers: one for Smith Hall/10th Avenue Apartments/Russell Hall Suite 1 and one for Russell Hall Suite 2.
  • Availability of Smith Hall suites and 10th Avenue Apartments is based upon the number of remaining suites after the Living & Learning selection process has been completed.


Students who participate in either the Wilch Apartments lottery or the Suites and 10th Avenue Apartments lottery will be notified by e-mail on the dates listed above. Students who are not selected to live in an apartment or suite must participate in the residence hall room selection process in March.

Lottery number "carryover"

Because each lottery is separate, numbers do not transfer from one lottery to another and "expire" at the conclusion of that lottery. This means that a Wilch Lottery number is void at the end of the Wilch Lottery and cannot be used in the Suites and 10th Avenue Apartments Lottery. All apartment and suite lottery numbers are void at the conclusion of that lottery and cannot be used in the general numbers draw lottery.

Meal plans and billing

Students who live in 10th Avenue Apartments or Wilch Apartments may request a full board plan (20 meals per week or 14 meals per week) but are required to have at least a partial meal plan (7 meals per week). Students who live in Russell Hall or Smith Hall are required to have a full meal plan (20 meals per week or 14 meals per week). Refer to the Meal Plans and Dining Policies for complete details. A student living in a single in a Russell suite or a single in an apartment will be billed the single room rate. Refer to the College's tuition and fees for current housing and meal plan rates

Frequently asked questions

Refer to our frequently asked questions or contact our office with questions.