The following is the hall staff assistant position description for the 2015-2016 academic year. You can also download the updated hall staff assistant position description (PDF) if you prefer.

Position Summary                                                                                            

The hall staff assistant (HSA) is a temporary live-in position in the Cornell College Residence Halls created to fill residence life staff vacancies that occur as a result of illness, resignation, dismissal, promotion, academic trips, and various other reasons

The HSA is not a resident assistant (RA); rather this person serves in an administrative capacity to assist RAs in managing the residence hall in which the temporary vacancy occurs.  The ADRL will determine the need for an HSA with input from the RAs.

Term of Employment

Varies - generally for one block or a portion thereof

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

Student Focus
  • Assists students with academic, personal, and social concerns, making timely referrals as necessary
  • Creates an environment in which the needs and concerns of diverse populations of students are appreciated
  • Promotes an environment that is conducive to academic and social development
  • Participates in nightly rotating duty coverage
  • Responds to crisis situations and confronts inappropriate behavior in a timely, effective manner
Departmental Focus
  • Communicates and promotes the mission and policies of the Residence Life Office, Division of Student Affairs, and Cornell College
  • Knows and abides by all rules, regulations, and policies of the residence halls and of Cornell (including The Compass, the Residence Life Handbook and the Residence Hall Agreement)
Administrative Focus
  • Submits documentation/incident reports and all other forms of paperwork according to timelines provided
  • Checks students in and out of the residence hall, including distribution and collection of keys, as necessary
  • Shares confidential information with professional staff as necessary
  • Other duties as assigned by the Residence Life Office
Facilities Focus
  • Develops and maintains a good relationship with Facilities Services personnel, Campus Safety personnel, and custodial staff
  • Submits requests and follows-up on maintenance for the hall
  • Reports vandalism, damages, and deteriorated physical condition of the floor, hall, or bathrooms to the Residence Life Office
Work Relationships
  • Reports to and works closely with the ADRL
  • Daily contact with students
  • Represents Residence Life to parents, guests, and members of campus community
  • Attend weekly team meetings

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

Good judgment, knowledge of self, problem solving skills, understanding of residents, time management, and flexibility.  Ability to communicate effectively with students, faculty, staff, and parents.


  • Must live in the hall where the temporary vacancy occurs
  • Be in good conduct standing with the College and be able to pass a criminal background check


In most cases the HSA will remain in the room in which he or she currently lives within the residence hall.  Alternative accommodations may be arranged at the discretion of the Residence Life professional staff.  HSAs will also receive a room credit award of approximately $37.50 per week to be applied directly to the student’s account.  Candidates are encouraged to meet with a member of the Financial Assistance staff to determine the impact, if any, on their financial aid.  Failure to carry out the responsibilities or to meet the expectations of the position may result in dismissal and/or reduction of remuneration.


A hall staff assistant who chooses not to continue in the position or who is removed from the position for any reason may be required to move from the room, floor, and possibly the hall in which the student was employed. Should this happen, Residence Life will notify Financial Assistance and the student's aid will be adjusted accordingly.