Biology research


biology research

Evolutionary biology of flies

ecology research

Ecology and diversification of neotropical flies and their parasites

Parkinson's disease

biology research

Effects of magnesium ion channels on Parkinson's and ketamine as treatment for major depressive disorder

parkinsons research

Cell degeneration in Parkinson's disease


monarch research

Milkweed and Monarch butterflies 

monarch butterflies research

Milkweed and Monarch butterflies

Additional areas of study

fire coral research

Climate change (warming of the ocean) and the impact on fire coral

Chemistry research

chemistry research

Molecular movement and dispersal

metal in water research

Removing metals from water

nmr studies research

Compound reactions to their environment

protein research

Measuring protein function

soil samples research

Assessing soil microbiome

solvatochormic molecules research

Solvatochromic molecules (color changing dyes)

viruses research

Culturing viruses

XRFS research

Lead levels in soil and ancient Iowa culture

yeast research

Yeast cell allocation of resources

carbon dioxide capture research

Climate change and carbon dioxide capture

antibiotic resistance research

Antibiotic Resistance

Engineering and physics research

engineering piano research

Engineering a gesture-controlled piano

nebula research

Rosette Nebula (star forming region) electron density and magnetic field strength

phased array research

Linear phased arrays from cell phones

physics videos research

Developing physics videos for YouTube

plasma research

Exploring plasma structures in Rosette Nebula (star forming region)

robot research

Privacy-conscious robotics systems

Geology and environmental research

geo climate research

Summer monsoons in Australia and climate change

Scandinavian research

Scandinavian Caledonides mountain belt formation

ancient corals research

Ancient corals and ocean acidity near Costa Rica

shells research

Dating seafloor shells and the impact of human activity

thermo barometry research

Thermo barometry techniques on rocks (estimating the different pressures and temperatures across time)

conservation research

Long term conservation of flying foxes (fruit bats)

Kinesiology research

Kinesiology volleyball research

Kinesiology of volleyball

exercise research

Using narrative analysis to study health


Biomechanical Research

Mathematics and statistics research

health care data research

Finding patterns in data to identify when doctors might misdiagnose

math research

Cellular automata (a way to model complex systems that involves collections of cells based on a defined set of rules)

sports analytics research

Using sports analytics to model archery