Professor Martin works with student on Beethoven research.

Art research

art history research

Examining drawings from the 16th-19th centuries

xray pottery research

Chemical analysis of archaeological pottery shards

Classical studies research

Greece research

Creating an online, interactive textbook on Greece

French research

French video research

Designing a video game that teaches French

History research

Ash Park video research

Creating a walking audio tour of Ash Park

Cornell history research

Creating an online visual tour of historic Cornell buildings

Syberberg research

What film reveals about Germany's history in World War II

Literature and writing research

Faustus research

Theme exploration in Doctor Faustus

publishing research

Independent publishing and small presses

van etten research

Reviving forgotten writers: Winifred Van Etten writings

Music research

Beethoven Sonata

Analysis of Beethoven's sonatas

Philosophy research

philosophers research

A more inclusive union: women philosophers in the modern period

Religion Research


Pilgrimage to Spain