Submit a request online (can order a paper copy sent via mail or can order it emailed as a PDF)

Sent Electronically as a PDF: $10.00

Sent Electronically using ETX: $8.25

Sent via United States Postal Service (USPS): $8.25

Express Delivery Fee for United States: $25.00

Express Delivery Fee for Canada & Mexico: $35.00

Express Delivery Fee for other International orders: $50.00

Schedule:  Transcript requests are processed on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Transcripts cannot be sent on weekends, holidays, or Winter Break when the administrative offices of the College are closed. At other times, you can make an urgent request for an additional fee (see below).

Financial Hold: If Cornell College’s Business Services has placed a financial hold on your student record, you must resolve that hold before a transcript will be released. Questions regarding financial obligations to the College should be directed to 319-895-4220 or bus_office@cornellcollege.edu.

Issued to Student: Transcripts issued to the student are stamped “ISSUED TO STUDENT” and enclosed in a sealed envelope. If you are forwarding the transcript to another party (e.g., another college or university, potential employer, etc.) where an official transcript is required, you should NOT open the envelope.

Unofficial Transcripts: In order to comply with federal law and Cornell policy, unofficial copies of Cornell transcripts are available to currently enrolled students only in Self-Service and the Cornell Registration System. They do not bear the registrar’s signature or College seal and are for your use only. 

Urgent Requests: Usually, expedited requests will be honored the same business day.  (As you might expect, we are more likely to be able to process requests placed earlier in the day than those received at 4:28 PM CST).  Such transcripts will be sent by overnight mail, fax, or secure pdf, according to your wishes)

Fax:  Faxing a transcript renders it unofficial.  Transcript orders will not be accepted by fax.

Credit hours:  Each Cornell course is the equivalent of 4 semester hours or 6 quarter hours using the standard Carnegie definition of a credit hour.  Each course meets for a minimum of two and three quarters hours per day, as required under the Carnegie definition, and requires a proportional amount of work outside class.  Full description of OCAAT (link to college page). A full explanation of the Cornell College official transcript can be found by accessing the Official Cornell College Transcript Back [PDF].

If you are having trouble submitting an order please contact our office at registrar@cornellcollege.edu or (319) 895-4372.