Students have different options to obtain additional academic credit during the Summer months. Students may earn credit toward their degree by participating in Summer Independent Study,  Off-campus Internship opportunities, or transferring credit from another institution. See the Additional Academic Programs section at the end of the Catalogue.

Summer internship and independent study comparison

Summer Internship Summer Independent Study

A Hands-on experience with a practicing professional supervisor

Intensive work in a subject working independently under the supervision of a faculty sponsor.

Graded Credit/No Credit only and will not affect your GPA but will earn a credit toward graduation

May be graded Credit/No Credit or awarded a letter grade which will be included in GPA.

Fee - $400

Fee - $1400 (Information regarding payment options for summer internships should be directed to Business Services.)

How do I sign up?

Complete a summer internship contract  or a summer independent study contract, get the required signatures, make your payment, and turn it in to the Registrar's Office before leaving campus for the summer.

How many hours do I have to work to get a credit?

Typically 160 hours of service to receive one course credit. Faculty supervisors may also require additional work toward academic credit, such as a journal or final project.

When can I start?

You must start after Block 8 and be completed by August 15.

Can I get credit for an internship or project I've already done or just started?

No. Credit is not awarded retroactively.

Can I still do an internship or project during the year?

Sure. That's still included in your regular tuition cost, if you choose to use a block in this way.

What is the benefit of doing a Summer Internship or Independent Study  as an additional credit as opposed to posting the credit to an actual block?

Since we moved to the 8 Block Plan, students will have less time to take courses. By taking a summer internship or project as an "extra block,"you will be one course closer to graduation.

Are there any prerequisites?

Students must have completed at least 7 course credits and find a faculty sponsor.