The Academic Plan is a tool to assist advisors and students in determining the progress toward completion of BA General Education Requirements only. To track the requirements for your major, please use the Major Checklists.  The official requirements can be found in the catalogue. You may also still use the checklists for BA Requirements and Majors and Minors.  This Academic Plan under the Register tab, is now available to students and advisors on Self-Service.

The date that you started classes at Cornell was used to create your Plan.  The Registrar’s Office “Customizes” each student’s plan as necessary. First Year Seminars will be listed with 0 classes and credits required in the event that the student: 1) registered for a First Year Seminar but did not pass it or 2) transferred in and was not required to take a FYS course.

Be sure to pay attention to Pending courses. Classes are selected by the system in order they are listed in the plan; when a course is found that fills the requirement it stops looking. This can cause a pending Biology course to be selected to fill the science requirement instead of a Chemistry course which was completed earlier in the year. If the student drops the Biology course, the system would continue down the list and find the Chemistry course and show that the requirement has been completed.

For Students:

  1. Sign in to Self-Service (for students).
  2. Select the Register tab.
  3. Select Academic Plan in the bar below the tabs.
  4. If you have made multiple major/minor declarations, select your primary major. The primary major contains the academic plan for general education requirements. 

For Advisors:

  1. Sign in to Self-Service (for faculty).
  2. Select My Advisees.
  3. Select the student you are working with.
  4. Click on Academic Plan from the drop down list. Academic Plans are only available for your primary advisees at this time.
  5. If the student has made multiple major/minor declarations, select the one you want to view. The primary major contains the general education requirements.