Welcome to your final year as a student at Cornell College! The Registrar's Office staff is looking forward to working with you and celebrating Commencement on May 8, 2022.  

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There are important items to remember as a potential graduate; this annotated list is intended to assist you in meeting deadlines and fulfilling graduation requirements.

In order to graduate, you must:

1.  Fill out an application to graduate

2.  Participate in a Senior Audit meeting with the Registrar (you must schedule this as you are filling out the Application for Graduation)

3.  Review the degree checklist for your degree requirements and any majors/minors you have chosen.  This will be completed by the Registrar’s office and you will go over it together as a part of your Senior Audit meeting.

Senior Degree Audit ("Senior Check")
In September or October meet with the Registrar's office and complete a checklist for each major and minor you have declared or intend to complete. A summary of this audit will be sent to your academic advisor following your meeting with the Registrar. This will be the last review of your academic record until the beginning of Block Eight. It is your responsibility to keep in touch with your advisor and the Registrar if you make changes to your course schedule or choice of degree, majors, or minors.

Schedule your senior check appointment as early in the academic year as possible.  If it is discovered that you are missing a requirement, there will be more time for you to adjust your course schedule to correct it.

Instructions for Completing your Degree and Major/Minor Checklist:

The Academic Plan is available for you to see how your completed courses have satisfied the Bachelor of Arts general education and major/minor requirements for graduation.  Academic plans are based on the BA regulations and requirements from the academic catalogue that is in effect from the year the student begins at Cornell, and Major and Minor Requirements from the academic catalogue at the time of spring registration during their second year.  If, after a student has begun, one or more of the degree requirements are changed, the student may choose to be graduated under either the original or revised requirements.  Please see the catalogue or contact the Registrar's Office if you have questions regarding which catalogue or checklist applies to you. You may access your academic plan through self-service. 

  • Sign on to self-service
  • Select the Register Tab
  • Select Academic Plan in the bar below the tabs
  • Download your B.A. checklist and the checklist for each major and minor you have declared here: http://www.cornellcollege.edu/registrar/majors-minors/index.shtml.  The requirements on the major/minor checklists are from the current Cornell Catalogue.
  • In the Completed column list the courses you have completed with a passing grade that fulfill the requirement, and in the To Be Completed column list the courses you have registered this year that will fulfill the requirement.
  • If you have substituted a different course for any of the major/minor requirements, or if the department has waived a requirement, the department chair must submit the online form to document what waiver or substitution was approved.  The waiver form is available at Resources for Faculty http://www.cornellcollege.edu/registrar/gb-resources-faculty/index.shtml workorders, waiver/substitution form. 
  • Individualized Major or B.S.S. degree:  If you have an approved Individualized Major or B.S.S., your checklist will be the Individualized Major proposal that was approved or, for the B.S.S., your Chronology of Courses list.  Copies of these were returned to you with the approval letter.

Changing Degree Programs
If you intend to complete a different degree program (B.A., B.S.S., B.Mus.) than the one currently on file in our office, you MUST be in contact with the Registrar immediately.

Off-Campus, Summer, and Transfer Credits; Incompletes
All transcripts of previous coursework (e.g., summer school, transfer credits, off-campus courses) to be applied to your Cornell degree must be received by the Registrar's Office by December 31, 2021. It is your responsibility to contact the colleges/universities and request a transcript to be sent directly to us. Having the credits on file before your senior conference will be helpful as we discuss your progress toward graduation. Check your online transcript to see if we have received transcripts for your previous coursework. Now is also the time to attend to any petitions necessary to apply non-Cornell courses to specific Cornell requirements (if you have not already done so).

If you must take an Incomplete grade this year, the deadline for its completion is May 4, 2022.

Early Completion and Refunds
If you finish your degree requirements before Block Eight, you may continue to take courses, take vacation terms, or depart from campus. If you choose to leave campus, please schedule a final review of your record with the Registrar and supply the College with an address where information regarding Commencement can be sent to you. For the first vacation term there is no refund, but if you take more than one term off, you may apply for a refund with the Student Accounts and Loan Manager in Division of Business and Enterprise Services. Please note that for financial aid purposes degree requirements are considered complete at the end of the semester during which you take the last course required for a declared degree, major, or minor.  Check with Financial Assistance regarding your eligibility for purely elective courses taken in the semester after you have completed your last degree, major or minor requirement.

Reduced Tuition Policies
The policies that detail the situations where students qualify for reduced tuition for one or more semesters can be found by accessing the Student Accounts Office here.

August Graduates participating as Non-Graduates

Cornell has one Commencement ceremony each year in May. To accommodate those seniors who are very close to completing graduation requirements, the College confers degrees in May, August, and December. If you wish to participate in the May ceremony as an August 2022 or December 2022 graduate, you must meet the following requirements:

  • be within two courses of completing your degree and have earned at least 29 course credits by Commencement,
  • have a 2.0 GPA or higher,
  • have applied for graduation and received an official audit of your record, and
  • have signed the participation form, available online or from the Registrar's Office.

Division of Business and Enterprise Services Duties: Closing your Account
Division of Business and Enterprise Services requires that a student's account be paid in full in order to participate in Commencement or to be issued their diploma. Similarly, transcripts and other forms of certification cannot be sent if there is an outstanding balance on a student's account. Rather than assuming that all of your bills have been paid, check with Division of Business and Enterprise Services before May 8 to be certain that your account is paid in full so that you may participate in Commencement.

Second Semester Off-Campus
If you are participating in a second-semester off-campus program that extends beyond May 1st, you may not be able to graduate with your class unless we receive confirmation by Friday, May 6, that you have completed all parts of your program with grades of C or higher.  If such confirmation is not received in time, you must wait until August to receive your diploma (or later if the necessary transcripts are delayed). Prior to leaving campus, check with us; we may be able to avoid potential problems that would delay issuing your diploma.

Unforeseen Opportunities and the Need to Adjust Plans
Sometimes a wonderful opportunity for an internship, an off-campus experience, or a job offer will become available to seniors. While exciting, you may think that you must forego the offer because you still have college requirements to complete. Rather than declining the experience, let's explore possibilities that enable you to both graduate and participate in the offer extended to you.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Registrar's Office for questions that arise throughout your senior year. The earlier we look at possible solutions to problems, the easier the problems are to solve!


Best wishes for a successful Senior Year!

Megan Hicks, Registrar
Anna Butz, Associate Registrar
Chelsea White, Assistant Registrar
Michelle Long, Academic Records Specialist