According to college policy, directory information at Cornell College includes:

  1. student name
  2. local and home addresses and telephone numbers
  3. campus email address
  4. date and place of birth (only if the student is currently enrolled)
  5. major field of study
  6. enrollment status (full-time, part-time)
  7. participation in officially recognized activities and sports
  8. height and weight, if a member of an intercollegiate athletic team
  9. dates of attendance
  10. academic level
  11. degrees and awards received
  12. the name of the most recent educational institution attended
  13. student's photograph
  14. the names of the student's parents

Please note the following:

  • Students may request not to have directory information released. To do so, they must log in and update their status on the Student Information Sharing Page.
  • Class schedule and next-of-kin information are not open directory information and may not be released (a) to anyone outside Cornell College, except as provided by law, or (b) to anyone inside Cornell College who does not have a legitimate educational need to know.

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Some information on this page has been adapted with permission from the University of North Texas FERPA Training.