Use the checklists below to track your completion of the courses required for your major and/or minor, as well as the additional courses needed to fulfill a bachelor of arts (B.A.) degree.

Degree & Major/minor checklists

Determining which major/minor checklist version to use

From the Cornell Catalogue, “Declaration of Degree Candidacy, Majors, and Minors” section:

“Students are expected to complete the major and minor requirements that were in effect at the time of Spring registration for their second year of courses. Transfer students who are admitted with sophomore or higher standing satisfy the requirements in effect when they begin their first course at Cornell. Students who have withdrawn from Cornell and are later readmitted follow the requirements in effect at the time of their readmission. Exceptions may be made by the department concerned in response to the student's petition, provided that such changes are feasible for and agreeable to the department.”

Major/minor checklist versions

Degree checklists

For students who started at Cornell prior to Fall 2020 or Transfer students from Fall 2020 

Ingenuity Degree checklists

For first year students who started at Cornell in Fall 2020 or later.

For transfer students who started at Cornell in Fall 2021 or later.

From the Cornell Catalogue, “Effective Catalogue” section

“Students are subject to the regulations and requirements in the Catalogue and its supplements, in effect at the time they begin their first course at Cornell...If, after a student has begun their Cornell career, one or more of the degree requirements are changed, the student may choose to be graduated under either the original or the revised requirements. ...”

Additional assistance

Please contact the Registrar's Office or your academic advisor if you have any questions about the requirements for your degree or your progress towards graduation.