A Supplementary Catalogue listing all permanent changes to the curriculum made since the publication of the 2005-2006 Catalogue. This version of deTERMinations is for the 2005-2006 academic year.

Course descriptions for topics courses being offered this year (not listed in the catalogue) and information on courses being offered off-campus are also available on this site.

Updated October 19, 2005

Course Changes:

CHANGES TO THE TERM TABLE (changes marked in bold):

  • ADD ART 9-103-B Drawing II STAFF
  • ADD BIO 5-108 Topics STAFF
  • CANCEL CSC 9-131 Computing Practice and Perspectives
  • ADD MAT 4-121-B Calculus of a Single Variable deLAUBENFELS
  • ADD MUS 9-218 Rock Music HUTCHISON
  • ADD POL 5-111 Politics NEGRO
  • CANCEL POL 9-240/340 Security at Sea

Off-Campus Courses Taught by Cornell Faculty:


These courses usually involve additional costs and require advance planning. Consult the course descriptions below and the course instructor for a description of the course, the prerequisites, deadlines, and cost. See under "Course Descriptions" (below) for more information and links.

  • ANT 6-222 Applied Anthropology (Bahamas) MONAGAN
  • ART 67-103/202 Drawing/Ceramics (in Japan) HANSON
  • BIO 1-321 Ecology (Wilderness Field Station, MN) BLACK
  • BIO 1-337 Entomology (Wilderness Field Station, MN) McCOLLUM
  • BIO/BMB 6-485 Biological Problems (Bahamas) BLACK/TEPPER
  • ECB 3-352 Financial Management Seminar (Chicago) STOUT
  • ENG 5-240 Theatre, Architecture, and the Arts in England (England) MOUTON/STAVREVA
  • ENG 9-322 Medieval and Renaissance Drama (at the Newberry Library, Chicago) STAVREVA
  • ENG 1-374 Advanced Topic: Wilderness, Language, and Metaphor (Wilderness Field Station, MN) G. FREEMAN
  • FRE 1-304 Francophone Cultures of North America (Louisiana) BONEY
  • GEO 6-255 Modern and Ancient Carbonate Systems of the Bahamas (Bahamas) GREENSTEIN
  • GEO 6-329 Geology of a Region (New Zealand) DENNISTON
  • GEO 4-485 Geological Literature (New Mexico) DENNISTON
  • MUS 9-353 Wagner and Wagnerism (at the Newberry Library, Chicago) J. MARTIN
  • PED 9-101 Fitness for Life: Camping and Canoeing (Boundary Waters, Ely, MN) DeVRIES
  • REL 1-276 The American Dream (St. Louis, MO) VERNOFF
  • SPA 7-381 Peninsular Culture and Civilization (in Spain)

Changes in Majors and Minors:

None since the publication of the 2005-06 Catalogue.

Course Information:

6-222. Applied Anthropology. In the Bahamas. Students will examine the use of anthropological theories, methods and findings in solving practical problems. Issues to be explored include acculturation, modernization, tourism, multinational corporations, natural resources, health and cultural survival. Additional costs approximately $1,500. Prerequisite: ANT 101 or EST 123. (Social Science) MONAGAN

67-103/202. Drawing I and Ceramics I (in Japan). This course will spend the majority (approximately 18 days) of Term 6 in Japan. While in Japan a drawing journal will be kept as we visit potters, pottery centers and museums. The final cost has yet to be determined but is estimated to be $2,700.00. This includes all transportation, food, and lodging plus entrance to museums and other cultural events.
The remainder of the course (the end of Term 6 and all of Term 7) will be held in the McWethy ceramics facilities making pieces inspired by our trip to Japan. (Fine Arts) HANSON

9-240/340. Security at Sea. The course will spend approximately a week each in the New Orleans area and in the Florida Keys where Fort Jefferson stands guard as the "Gibraltar of the Gulf." The cost will be $1500, and a $500 deposit is due at the beginning of Term 2 in 2005-2006. POL 240 is open to all students with an interest in national security policy and its historical development. POL 340 is open to students who have completed POL 242 and have junior standing. More information is available at:
http://www.cornellcollege.edu/politics/courses/sutherland/240-340/index.shtml. (Social Science) SUTHERLAND