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Justice and Public Policy); PSY 380 (Human Services Practicum); and PSY 395 (Human
Services Practicum and Seminar).

5. In addition to the course in Applied Civic Engagement, a minimum of 25 noncredit hours
    of civic engagement involvement over the course of at least two semesters
    including volunteering, activism, and other civic engagement opportunities. At the end of
    each semester, a student is required to submit a reflective essay assessing these experiences
    in light of their academic minor program to the Civic Engagement Office, the Civic
    Engagement Committee and his/her faculty advisor for the minor. The Civic Engagement

    Committee will notify the Registrar once this requirement is completed.

280/380. Internship: See Additional Academic Programs, All-College Independent Study
Courses 280/380.

Classical and Modern Languages

Devan Baty, Tyler Carrington, John Gruber-Miller, Lynne Ikach, Carol Lacy-Salazar, Michael
Mosier, Marcela Ochoa-Shivapour, Alyssa Selmer, Philip Venticinque, Rebecca Wines

Foreign Study: All students are strongly encouraged to develop their language skills through a
study abroad experience. See Off-Campus Programs, especially ACM and SIT programs. Also
described there is the Department's Foreign Language Abroad Program (FLAP), which covers

programs abroad run by other institutions in modern languages taught at Cornell.

Cornell students may participate in Lake Forest College's International Study/Internship
Program in France through an agreement between the two colleges. Various summer intensive
language programs, such as the one at Beloit College, offer the opportunity to study some less-
widely-taught languages. In addition, the Department offers one-term courses taught by Cornell
faculty in international locations.

Spanish in Guatemala: The basic language sequence (SPA 101-205) as well as classes in
Advanced Conversation, Advanced Grammar, Guatemalan Culture, Guatemalan Literature, and
Anthropology of Guatemala may be taken in Antigua or Quetzaltenango through Proyecto
Lingüístico Francisco Marroquín or Juan Sisay Spanish School. The latter also offers volunteer


Courses in Translation: In order to introduce other cultures and literatures to students who have
not had the opportunity to study the particular foreign languages, the Department offers the
following courses in English translation. Such courses require no knowledge of the foreign

language. A full description of each course is given under the appropriate language.

CLA 216 Classical Mythology                                                                     80
CLA 264 Women in Antiquity
CLA 364 Masterpieces of Greek and Roman Theatre
CLA 372 Epic Tradition: Singer of Tales
CLA 373 Love and Sexuality in Greece and Rome
FRE 254 Bending Boundaries: Francophone Women in Translation
RUS 281 The "Other" in Russian Literature and Film
RUS 341 Classics of Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature
RUS 351 Change and Revolution in Russian Literature
RUS 355 Soviet and Post-Soviet Russian Literature and Film

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