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13. Students may authorize access to their grades to their parent(s)/guardian through the
    Student Shared Information page (
    technology/training/self-service-registration/self-service/sharing-grades.shtml?). In order
    for a parent to see anything, the student must log into the system and set the parent up to
    have access. Authorizing access to grades in the self-service system does not change a
    students’ FERPA status. (See “Confidentiality of Student Records.”)

14. Students who believe that there is an error in the information reported on their grade report
    or that an injustice has been done them in the grading process should consult the Registrar
    immediately. After a lapse of one Block from the issuance of the report, the information
    becomes a permanent part of the student's official transcript. A student who disputes a final
    grade should appeal first to the instructor. If not satisfied, the student should consult the
    department chair and then, if need be, the Dean of the College. Although the department
    chair and the Dean may act as mediators, the decision of the instructor is final.

15. For an instructor to change a grade, the instructor must submit a request to the Academic
    Standing Committee and explain the circumstances prompting the change, e.g., that he or
    she miscalculated or has re-evaluated the student's academic performance up through the
    close of the Block. After a lapse of one Block from the issuance of the grade report, the
    information becomes a permanent part of the student's official transcript. The Committee
    does not permit an instructor to change a final grade because of work submitted or revised
    after the instructor reported the original final grade to the Registrar.

16. An instructor must report final grades to the Registrar by noon on the Monday following the
    close of the Block in which the course was taught, with the following exceptions: Block 4
    grades are due the Monday before the start of Block 5, and Block 6 grades are due the first
    Monday of Block 7. Although a Block technically ends at 5:00 p.m. on the 18th day of the
    course (normally a Wednesday), an instructor may, but is not required to, grant a student an
    extension of one or more days. In such cases, students are responsible for turning in their
    work early enough to allow the instructor to grade it and submit the grade to the Registrar by
    the Monday noon deadline. If the assignments are not finished and graded by this deadline,
    the instructor must issue a final grade based upon the work that the student has actually
    completed. No subsequent change of grade is permitted unless the student has been granted
    an Incomplete by the Registrar.

17. Credits and grades are posted on the student's transcript at the end of each Block. Unofficial
    transcripts are available on-line to current students. Information regarding ordering official
    transcripts is available on the Registrar's Office web site.

The Dean's List

Twice each year – at the end of January and the end of May – the Dean of the College recognizes
those students who have earned superior grades during the previous semester and enrolls them
on the Dean's List based upon their semester grade point average.

Highest Honors                              4.0000
High Honors                                 3.8000 – 3.9999
Honors                                      3.6000 – 3.7999

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