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with an advisor specializing in biology, engineering, mathematics, or the physical or
social sciences. Students also participate in an interdisciplinary seminar designed to
broaden their exposure to developments in their major field and related disciplines. In
addition, each student chooses an elective from a variety of advanced courses. The
academic program is enriched in informal ways by guest speakers, departmental
colloquia, and the special interests and expertise of the ORNL staff. Administered by
Denison University, the Oak Ridge Science Semester is recognized by both ACM and
GLCA. August to December. Prerequisites: a major in one of the natural or social

sciences or in mathematics, and junior standing. TEAGUE [963]

ACM: Urban Education: Student Teaching in Chicago (4)
The ACM Urban Education Program has had a long tradition of engagement with
Chicago schools and the city’s education community. ACM student teachers in Chicago
are among the best-equipped new professionals entering the field of education, and they
join an extensive network of ACM alumni in the city’s schools and education-related
organizations. Student teachers are placed in Chicago school classrooms with carefully-
selected mentors and supervisors, where they fulfill all requirements for the final
practicum stage of their teacher certification program. Each student conducts an inquiry
to his/her own development as a teacher and completes all the requirements for a
compelling Professional Portfolio. Student teachers participate in all activities at their
placement schools, including faculty and parent meetings, in-service workshops, and
school-related community meetings. Prerequisites: permission of the Chair of the
Cornell Education Department and a grade point average of 2.7 or higher. Fall or Spring.

Audubon Center of the North Woods: Wolf and Lynx Ecology Experiences in
Northern Minnesota (1)

Preparation for and participation in on-going research projects in northeastern

Minnesota on the ecology of wolves and lynx. Emphasis is placed on the winter ecology

and conservation of these endangered species. January. Prerequisites: BIO 141 and 142.


Capital Experience (1-4)
This small, highly-flexible Washington Internship Institute program offers a well-
integrated combination of internship and study with students from around the world.
Each internship is designed around the interest of an individual student and much of the
academic work is based on issues of individual interest. Students are strongly
encouraged to enrich their experience from the cultural and historical treasury of the
area. Student housing and other student services are available. Two 15-week semesters
and a 10-week summer session are regularly scheduled but other lengths may be
arranged. Short-term academic seminars are also periodically available. See the
program's web site at for detailed information. SUTHERLAND [IEL

Washington Center (1-4)
A full range of interests and majors are served by this large, well-established program,
including internships in art and museum studies, business administration, journalism
and communications, international trade and strategic policy, laboratory research in the
physical and biological sciences, social and community services, legal study and practice,

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